Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Upcoming TTA Event - Philosophy & Science of the Matrix: Part 2 on Science


Saturday, February 14th at 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Centre for Inquiry Ontario, 216 Beverley St., Toronto ON (just south of College St. at St. George St.)

Two Toronto Transhumanist Association Meetups will discuss the philosophy and science behind the popular Matrix trilogy. All Transhumanist meetups are public events.

On Saturday, January 10, 2009 we will screen "Return to Source: The Philosophy of The Matrix" which is an hour long discussion on the philosophical elements of the movie. We will then hold a round table discussion.

On Saturday, February 14, 2009, we will screen "The Hard Problem: the Science Behind the Fiction", which is an hour long discussion of the science of the films and its possibilities for a real life Matrix. We will then hold a round table discussion.

Both these films are from Disc 8 of The Ultimate Matrix Collection (The Matrix/ The Matrix Reloaded/ The Matrix Revolutions/ The Animatrix) (2003) called "The Roots of the Matrix." They are both stand alone events.

Whether you're a fan of the films or just interested in the implications of the possibility of simulating a virtual reality universe, you won't want to miss these events.


Meetups are hosted by the Toronto Transhumanist Association ( They take place the second Saturday of each month, 5-7pm. They alternate between presentations and interactive discussions. Those interested are invited - though not obliged - to join the Facebook and/or Meetup groups

At the Toronto Transhumanist Association, we aim to get more people thinking about the future, inspire people into assuming a proactive and participatory role in its creation and build, lead and support an informed movement for positive change. Discussions will revolve around transhumanism-related topics like nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, life extension, and the emerging global superorganism. You do not have to be a self-proclaimed transhumanist to join our meetups.

Meetups will take place at the Centre for Inquiry Ontario (, the first venue in Canada dedicated to promoting reason, science and free inquiry in all areas of human endeavour.

The purpose of these meetup is:

1. To spark discussion on transhumanism-related topics for anyone interested in topics like nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, life extension, and the emerging global superorganism.

2. To serve as a social milieu for those calling themselves transhumanists

3. To drum up leadership for renewing the Toronto Transhumanist Association

All those interested in transhumanism, not just self proclaimed transhumanists are invited to our events.

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Wayne said...

To those who look beyond our present circumstances and imbed concrete realities in the now in such a way as to ensure their efforts will mature; the Johnny Appleseed Society.

Even though current trends tend to steer logical, educated, transformists away from religious or mythological ancient stories, sometimes they are all we have to guide us towards an understanding of how we got into our present place in time and space. The Judao-Christian Bible is particularly on the nose when it comes to making scientific enquiries and the Sumerian creational accounts not much better but I would suggest worthy of a second glance on the topic of Uplifting Non- human Animals or creating Chimeras in the search for ‘A Theory of Justice’ or when founding a ‘Great Ape Project’.

While many science fiction writers such as Asimov and Arthur C Clark are given high standing in ‘realist circles’, academics like Zechariah Stichin are generally left unquoted although in his specific area of enquiry, a giant of opinion and a genius of creative theory. His work on understanding the uplifting of mankind towards the Godly Anunnaki would seem to me directly relevant to those seeking an understanding of the problems and advantages of transhuman thinking. His ‘Lost Book of Enki’ has the chimera Adam transported back to the Gods home planet Nibiru with the instruction of hiding the fact of his hybrid nature. This was because such activity was unheard of and totally forbidden, so while I should be the last to complain ,seeing I am 98% monkey, I do feel caution should be adhered to as this was reported to be the issue the spiritual hierarchy flooded the earth over. So while we can be all patting one another on the back , admiring one another's amazing intellect, in the end it could be the most stupidest thing any being any could aspire to do.

However, I do think it is all academic because the incredibly intelligent leaders of our world absolutely shattered the ecology of our mutual nest and in reality, it will be issues other than this, that will decide the fate of the monkeys as well as the ‘whatever's’.

Austa- la- vista, baby!
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