Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Noosphere - The Future is Open: Intro to a New Project by TTA Members + Discussion on the Internet and the Emerging Global Superorganism

Saturday, June 13 at 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Centre for Inquiry Ontario, 216 Beverley St., Toronto ON (just south of College St. at St. George St.)

TTA members will share a new project they are working on, and then lead a discussion on its implications.

"Noosphere’s aim is to accelerate an integrated worldview towards critical mass by opening a medium where people can see what happens when they are empowered by each other."

We all want to live in a better world, and many among us are working to make that world a possibility. Improvement is achieved through ideation, innovation, cultivation and application of solutions to problems. However, due to the blindingly complex nature of the problems we currently face, equally sophisticated solutions are required. These solutions are beyond the realm of any one person or small group of people. It is the globe that faces these problems and thus it is the global mind that must develop matching solutions.

There are now more links between locations on the internet than there are synapses in a single human brain. The internet has reached into every facet of human life,
and as a result is now steering the course of history. Over a billion and a half individuals have access to the internet with user growth skyrocketing in the developing world. The internet represents the pinnacle of thousands of years of technological development, and as such, it the most capable and sophisticated tool ever developed by humankind.

As the internet accelerates ever faster into development, it seems to affirm rather than conflict with human identity. It connects us in very real and personal ways to other human beings. With the internet’s higher potential now truly beginning to reveal itself, an opportunity is presented to forge a network which interconnects those who improve our world. We now have the means and the wisdom to implement a system that fosters world-changing collaboration amongst the people of this planet. Noosphere will be that system.

We are, without question, living in the most exciting time in human history. At no point since the dawn of language has this great adventure we call the human condition
ever been so electric. Human potential continues to expand as technology continues to bring awareness to the great diversity of our knowledge and understanding, the peoples of earth are beginning to awaken, en masse, to our true inner nature and our integrated relationship with the world around us.

Yet as the world wakes up to its inseparable oneness, we still see an escalating chaos. Fears of terrorism and governmental paranoia run high, global economic collapse looms eerily on the horizon, and of course the earth herself is exhibiting the symptoms of ailing health. If we were to put these events in the context of a history book, one might argue that the world in 2009 resembles a lead up to global catastrophe.

We are now at a crossroads. Despite all the endless information at our fingertips, we are unable to predict the future. There comes a point when every new and competing idea is put to a test. If that idea is to be successful it must reach a critical mass.

Noosphere’s aim is to accelerate an integrated worldview towards critical mass by opening a medium where people can see what happens when they are empowered by each other.

We believe our work has direct implications for the transhumanist movement and expect our topic will spark discussion about an emerging global superorganism.

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